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Business Valuation Under Buyer’s Perspective

The buyer of a business can know how much to invest by requesting an appraisal. The amount can be determined by any of the valuation methods we have indicated, but also taking into account the alternative income provided by the funds that will affect the acquisition of your new business.

For the buyer, in addition to the valuation value, what matters is to ensure that you will not have unexpected surprises in the future related to the business you have acquired and that may be added to the price paid for your acquisition, such as:

  1. Whether all assets of the company exist and are in proper functioning condition;
  2. If the company does not have hidden liabilities or pending legal, tax or labor contingencies;
  3. If there are no burdens, garnishments or preemptive rights from third parties that may affect the normal development of the acquired business.

To ensure that you pay the right price for your new business, or to prevent this kind of problems, ask for a professional valuation and an audit or an expert opinion on the most doubtful matters.

For this purpose, please contact our business support services to get advice for the achievement of your business, at fair value, smoothly and with no surprises.

Source – TGS Portugal

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