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Ryan Chuah

IT & Business Malaysia

I started off my interest in IT from gaming with my father. 1st game he ever taught me to play was Karateka (DOS) then lead to Prince of Persia. Gaming and IT has been an important aspect of my life ever since.

Growing interest came while my computer was under spec for newer games. So I started learning on how to tweak the system, the games, patching, fixing and solving virus/malware infections.

Then Internet happened to me, and I start to learning all sort of technology that interest me. When it was time for University, I opt for Information System Engineering because I love everything about IT, I don’t want to limit myself to just one part of IT, while ISE major cover a wider range of IT aspect.

I then graduated and work in a software development company for a few years, involved in Linux for the 1st time and web environment. Was stationed in an Internet Service Provider company on niche mobile internet by then. Was sure that internet and cloud computing will be the next big thing.

Learning first hand that there’s a high rate of IT project failure are usually due to gap between IT & Business. I join an accounting firm after that and start learning more about finance, operations, marketing aspect in business, which are the core of the economy.

Inspired to narrow the gap between IT & Business, and to provide practical IT solutions for SME. Making good technological solutions as a commodity for SME. Therefore I started Kiizen IT Consulting Sdn Bhd, which focuses on 4S on all our solutions.

Suitable, Scalable, Strategic & Supportive.

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