Do I have to pay to register as a buyer?

It’s free to register as a User. However, only Premium Buyers have an early access to business listings not published within 7 days.

Click here for more information on how to become a Premium Buyer.

How do I find out more about a business for sale?

You can contact the seller or business Broker directly on iDealBiz.

To find out more about a business for sale please contact the seller by completing the ‘Contact this seller’ form at the top of the listing.

Please note: before disclosing further information about their business, the seller may request more information about you. The seller may also ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement, ensuring private information stays between you and the seller.

How do I contact the seller of a business?

To contact the seller click the “Contact Seller” button on the top right of a business listing. From there you can fill a form where you can insert your details and a personal message to the seller.

All messages sent to sellers are delivered through iDealBiz email system. The seller will then reply directly to you.

How do I change or update my account details?

Once you’ve signed in with your e-mail and password you’ll have access to your account details. Go to the “My Account” panel where you can update your account details.

How do I become a Premium Buyer?

To upgrade to a Premium Buyer go to “Purchace” on the menu and then “Premium” and register as a Premium Buyer.

How do I use the site to find a business for sale?

You can search Businesses for Sale on iDealBiz in a number of diferent ways.

Homepage and Search Bar

You can find businesses by typing your key word on the search bar found on iDealBiz homepage and on the search results pages.

Advanced Search

You can also search by area or search entire site.

Email Alerts

Get notified by email of businesses for sale that match your requirements. Email Alerts is a free service.

Social Media

Follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to stay updated.

Business Brokers

How do I advertise on iDealBiz?

To advertise on iDealBiz as a broker, agent or intermediary you just need to complete the registration form and follow the online process.

Once the registration process is complete you’ll be able to publish, track and manage business listings.

Click here to register as a broker.

How do I advertise my company’s professional services on iDealBiz?

You can sign up to have a presence on our Directory of Services

Promote your professional services on iDealBiz directory of services as a broker/ transfer agent, accountant or lawyer.

For further information, please contact our Customer Services (info@idealbiz.pt) team who will be able to advise you on the best package or service for your business.

How do I change or update my account details

Once you’ve signed in with your email and password you can manage and edit your iDealBiz account in the “My Account” panel.


How do buyers make contact with me?

You should have prioritized contacts from iDealBiz Premium Buyers, even before your listing becomes public on iDealBiz.

Buyers send an email directly to you by clicking the ‘Contact Seller’ button on your listing.

You’ll receive interested buyer’s messages in your email trough the iDealBiz email system.

How do I renew my listing?

When you publish a listing on iDealBiz it will stay active for the period of time you’ve chosen.

During this period we will send you emails updating you on how long your business listing has left to run. Before your expiry date is due you will be offered by e-mail the opportunity to renew your listing for a further period of time. However, you can sign into your account at any time after your expiry date and make your business active again.

Can I remain anonymous when selling?

Yes, iDealBiz respects the privacy of sellers.

As a seller, you do not have to reveal specific details about your business for sale such as the name of the business.

Also, you don’t need to reveal personal information such as name, telephone or email address. All messages from buyers will be delivered to you through the iDealBiz email system, meaning your anonymity will be guaranteed at all times.