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Innovation and Competitiveness

Nowadays business models must be global. This is what led us to be present in another FAE (Forum dos Administradores e Gestores de Empresas) initiative which has discussed the issue of competitiveness and innovation in companies.

Business innovation is in the process, in technology in design.

But above all it is in Equity: it is Equity that will push for innovation in all phases of the value chain of companies.

Equity pulls by the demand and this by the know-how. That is why companies must diversify sources of finance, attract International Equity, they are natural tools that will increase their competitiveness, which will lead to attract skilled jobs, and attract the best talent.

Fingeste supports companies in this movement, have the best equity to be better.

We attract entrepreneurs, investors, and ensure national and international financing for companies.

When there is no smart money in Portugal there is in the world and we will identify where it is.

We work on a global scale.

Source: Finegeste Corporate Finance

Autor : Sofia Pereira