Member Collaboration System

To encourage collaboration for sustainability among its members, iDealBiz has developed two alternative ways of referencing services opportunities between members registered in the platform of the same country or in the international platform.

Referencing opportunities between members must strictly comply with the rules of the Code of Conduct subscribed by everyone in the iDealBiz registration process. Referencing can take place in two ways:


By Forwarding from a member to another member, a request for a proposal from a user interested in a particular service.

When a professional receives a contact from an interested party, if he does not wish to reject nor submit a proposal, by accessing his private account at iDealBiz, he can forward this request for proposal to another professional registered on iDealBiz in the same country or in the international platform, if both are registered there.

If the professional to whom the request for proposal was forwarded accepts the forwarding, then the platform will automatically calculate the amount of the earnings that he will have to deliver to the professional who forwarded the request for proposal.


By Recommendation of a member to another member of a potential customer interested in his services.

In this situation- Recommendation of a service opportunity- the member who wants to recommend another member to present a proposal to a potential customer identified by him, must access his private account on iDealBiz and select the option “Send Recommendation”, fill in the corresponding information on the form and wait for the answer of the recommended member.

If the recommended member accepts the recommendation, the platform will automatically calculate the amount to be received by the referring member.

Both the Forwarding and the service Recommendation are only accessible to members registered on iDealBiz in a specific country or in the international platform.