Our Philosophy and Values


Collaboration – Our Members collaborate with their clients to propose the best, most efficient solutions.
Ethics and Sustainability – All Members of our professional community uphold shared ethical and sustainability values.
International Support – Connect with Members in other locations. Benefit from international support for your business through our professional community.


Verification – Members are selected based on their company’s reputation and the quality of services provided.
Exclusivity of Acting Area – Our Members work exclusively in an acting area. Consequently, they bring to their location the benefits of belonging to a global network.
Protocols – The relations between Members and clients are subject to protocols that ensure transparency and respect for the values of our professional community.

Professional Community

Common Values – In iDealBiz, all Members share the same values.
Trusted Partners – All opportunities provided by partners are selected among the best in their field in all the world.
Freedom to act – Members choose their level of interaction, with fixed obligations for referrals or recommendations to other Members of the community.

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