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We present the services available to support you in your business. Each service has at least one Professional, a member of our community, available to present you with a proposal in the needed skills.

If you can’t find the service or professional you need, select “Contact iDealBiz” and we will find the right professional for you.

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Mediation and Recovery
Corporate Finance
Non Resident Assistance
Tax Consultancy
General Consultancy
Transmission and Sucession
Legal Review of Accounts
Business Valuation
Due Diligence
IT & Business

Service Providers

Service Providers

Tom Wong

Business Broker, Due Diligence Malaysia

Tay Lee Hoon

General Consultancy Malaysia

Prestador de Serviços – Teste IO EN

Marketing and Communication Worldwide

Prestador Reencaminhado EN IO2

Marketing and Communication Portugal

Ryan Chuah

IT & Business Malaysia