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At iDealBiz, all members can share business among themselves, refer services to other members, share know-how, training, technical sheets of work already carried out, as well as commercial benefits and incentives.

We carefully select the best professionals in their areas of expertise, based on multiple references, so on our platform you will find only the best nationally and internationally professionals.

Our members have different purposes within the platform and are organized as:

  • Service Provider – Is a professional qualified in a certain area of ​​technical competence who is registered on the Platform to promote their services in a certain geographic area;
  • Mediator – This member promotes the publication of M&A advertisements. It connects the advertisement to the advertiser, monitors the negotiation process, and directly intervenes in the negotiation process;
  • Content Editor – Publishes material of your specialty on the platform, or fact sheets of work you have already done so they can be shared with the general public;
  • Trainer – Is a professional qualified in a certain area of ​​technical competence to provide training services;
  • International Organizations and Members – Legal Persons who exercise the activities of Individual Members enable the registration of more than one individual Member of their organization on the iDealBiz Platform;
  • Partner – Legal Persons that provide services that are not advertised on iDealBiz or provide benefits to be used by other Members.
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