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Services iDealBiz: Marketing and Communications

We are in the age of communication. For any business or company, a marketing and communication strategy is essential to allow you to stop being isolated from the world! A good communication plan of what the company makes available to achieve target market will certainly take into account the price, the characteristics of the product/service, the points of sale, distribution and image in the market. The concept of brand communication is now intrinsically personified with the values that it intends to transmit: is your brand fresh? Is it sexy? Is it useful? Versatile? Dynamic? Transmits what values? Where to communicate?

Traditional media have already had their focus of attention from companies. The advertising fields in large format media, billboards, mupies no longer occupy the ranking of investments and therefore, the greatest focus is for Below the line, as a way of proximity to target segments.

How about presenting communication actions at summer festivals? Sponsoring a mountain bike race? Banners and online promotions on the portals of greater user flow, promotions with value increase in micro-site? Use and abuse of social networks, partnerships with public figures, the offer is vast and your company should stay focused. Contact our specialists in this concrete activity area.

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