Business Marketplace

iDealBiz allows several options for publishing and highlighting lists. Select the one that best fits your needs.

Prices and Options

You can directly publish your lists, selecting the price according to the type of contact you want in a particular country, or publish in other avalaible country, selecting the “Broadcast” option.

Besides the base price of each publishing option, you can add other options to increase the contact possibilities.

Before being published online, the contents of the lists are reviewed by iDealBiz team to verify the compliance with the advertised terms and conditions.

Content Review

Registration as Business Brokers

If you want to regularly publish several lists, you can register as a Business Broker and publish your lists unlimitedly during the duration of your registration.

By registering as a Business Broker, you can also be selected by advertisers to receive the contact details of their lists at no additional cost.

Registering as a Business Broker allows you to automatically access all the benefits of our Professional Community, namely our Referral and Recommendation System for business between Members and discounts on other activities available in iDealBiz.

Business Brokers