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Are you looking for Business or Companies to Buy? You can publish your Listing by choosing one of our plans. If you need any support, please contact us.

Listing for Sell

You can publish your Listing for sell choosing one of our plans. Broadcast in several countries with no additional cost and improve the possibility to have more contacts all over the world.

If you need any support, please contact us.

Valuation Services

You need to make an assessment of your company’s assets, parts or business segments by a professional report of recognized quality. Count on our specialists, with high experience in this area, always close to you.


Financing Services

Looking for funds, partners or investors to create your business? Does your company need to raise funds, raise the capital needed to move forward with a new business or to develop a growing business project? Do you need capital to reinforce your investment needs in facilities, equipment or working capital or to strengthen work teams, acquire raw materials, invest in research and development of a product or service? To do this, you will need to ensure the necessary financial means to help you achieve those goals. Do you also want to apply and access the available incentives or subsidies? For all these options you can count on our team of experts who help you present your company to investors, banking institutions or credit or venture companies which are available to be your future business partners.

Due Diligence Services

Due diligence is a process carried out by businesses before making a move of investment. This process helps the investor to understand the investment from all aspects. 

We provide due diligence services in different areas such as Acquisition, Vendor and Legal Due Diligence Service.

Consultancy Services

Analysis | Innovation | Solutions | Results

Business owners can face numerous issues when it comes to operation. Hence, hiring someone with experiences and knowledge to resolve the problems is a more reliable option than trying to figure out the answer cluelessly. Our business consultancy services will enhance your company’s strengths to compensate for the shortcomings; which creates direct positive impacts on the outcome of the company’s performance.

iDealBiz Members

At iDealBiz, all members can share business among themselves, refer services to other members, share know-how, training, technical sheets of work already carried out, as well as commercial benefits and incentives.

We carefully select the best professionals in their areas of expertise, based on multiple references, so that on our platform you will find only the best nationally and internationally.

Our members have different purposes within the platform and are organized by:

  • Service Provider Expert – Is a professional qualified in a certain area of technical competence who is registered on the Platform to promote their services in a certain geographic area;


  • Business Transactions Broker – Promotes the publication of M&A listings. The Broker is responsible for linking the list to the advertiser and for monitoring the negotiation process, intervening directly in the negotiation process;


  • Know How Expert Expert who has content editing privileges, can publish technical information and papers of his specialty on the platform, to be shared and disseminated to the general public;


  • Trainer – Is a professional qualified in a certain area of technical competence to provide training services in the training centers advertised on iDealBiz;


  • International Organizations and Members – Collective Entities who exercise the activities of Individual Members enable the registration of more than one individual Member of their organization on the iDealBiz Platform;


  • Partner – Collective Entities who provide services and benefits to be used by otheriDealBiz Members.



Experience, competence and knowledge in a single global platform
We carefully select our experts worldwide based on multiple professional references. Here you will find qualified professionals available to help you improve your business.

  • If you are an entrepreneur, iDealBiz gives you the possibility to create or develop your business. Here, you will find the advice and the means you need to achieve your goals.
  • If you are already an entrepreneur, but feel that you lack some help so that you can invest all your time in growing your business, our network of specialists and partners is what you are looking for.
  • Are you looking for an investment to grow your business, or are you looking for new companies to invest in? Contact us, as (good) deals are made here.