World’s First Multifunctional Hybrid Self-service Kiosk



The Evolution Of The Hybrid Kiosk That Helps Budget Hotels To Offer 5 Star Service Experience

Founded in 2020, Vendfun is a kiosk solution for the hospitality industry. Our flagship product called “Vendfun Hybrid Kiosk” was introduced to the market in Malaysia. It combines a self-check-in/out, and walk-in booking feature with vending capabilities, allowing customers to browse and purchase snacks, soft drinks, toiletries and other products by themselves. This is the first to be offered in the hospitality industry. We believe that automation with human touch is the way forward for the hospitality market.


The Evolution features:

-AI camera | AI camera detects your kids standing beside you, the kiosk immediately dispense complimentary toys to welcome them

-Big data | 1 button membership sign up with instant product reward: free welcome drink direct from the kiosk

-Product voucher ecosystem | Partner with product and services providers nearby for food vouchers, local attraction entrance tickets, and business services; Your guest enjoy discounted product and services;


Hybrid Kiosk Features & Benefits:

-Revolutionary First in the Market Hybrid Kiosk equipped with hotel self-service features and a profit making kiosk capability

-Able to sell snacks, drinks and toiletries to fulfill your customers’ needs and make extra profit

-Accepts multiple payment modes such as credit card, debit card, e-Wallet: TnG, Boost, Grab, Wechat pay and Alipay (for china tourists)

-The system is in sync with your hotel property management software (PMS) and online travel agencies (OTA)

-No Expensive Upgrades To Smart Door Lock System

-SMART solution to the traditional way of key collection



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