Request for a Service Proposal

To efficiently proceed with the request of service proposals, please take in consideration the following:

You can request proposals directly to the professionals presented for the available competencies or indirectly through iDealBiz, in case you don’t find the professional you need.


Each professional freely defines his own fee estimation model for the services provision, according to his internal parameters, related to his cost structure, hourly fees or margins.

This individual model is integrated in the algorithm developed by iDealBiz for the identification of professionals avalaible to present proposals to potential interested parties in their services.


Amount Involved

The request of proposals have to include, in addition to the remaining information, a designation of value, which iDealBiz has called “Amount Involved” and so, we would like to clarify its meaning and purpose.

The Amount Involved is used for internal calculations of the algorithm developed by iDealBiz for the automatic selection of professionals available to submit proposals.

Each Amount Involved may have different origins and natures, depending on each specific situation.

Each customer interested in receiving a proposal, must enter the value related to his estimate of the Amount Involved in the situation for which they intend to obtain proposals from our professionals.

We present you some examples of Amounts Involved:

i) Value of the Share Capital of a company to be incorporated;
ii) Estimate Value of a Company;
iii) Amount of taxes claimed;
iv) The estimated sale value of an inventory;
v) The amount of financing to be contracted;
vi) The capital needed to recapitalize a business.

This Amount Involved should not be mixed up with any amount of fees to be proposed by professionals contacted through iDealBiz or for any other purpose besides the one described above.

Interested parties may request as many unitary proposals as they wish, without any cost or increase in the value of the fee proposals, to be presented by the professionals they contact.

Request Proposals

Proposal Negotiation

After the contact through iDealBiz, the corresponding fees will be freely negotiated between the interested parties who submit their requests for proposals and the selected professionals without any intervention of our team in the process.

It may happen that the professional selected by the interested party in its services, not being able to present its proposal within the deadline presented. In that case, he may alternatively recommend another professional with the same competencies, who is registered in iDealBiz platform.

It will be up to the interested party to decide whether or not to obtain a proposal from that other recommended professional.

Proposal Deadline

iDealBiz Contact

If you still have any questions about our request for proposals process, in our form, in the Amount Involved field, insert the number “1” and select “iDealBiz Direct Contact” and one of our assistants will contact you to help you.

Thank you for choosing iDealBiz