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We promote business cooperation and fair competition

You can post any kind of business or deal opportunity to buy. Please take in consideration the non-proper contents, otherwise your list will be removed without any notice or compensation.

We developed an innovative promotion process, publishing at one of the cheapest prices in the market, and pay a small amount to get the real interested contacts.

With no extra costs then the announced in your country, under the pay per contact system,during the publishing period, choose to be contacted directly by the interested sellers, select one of our registered Brokers to better promote your listings or let us help by selecting “Broker Support by iDealBiz”.

At the end of the publishing period, the lists will be automatically removed in our platform. If succeed with your intentions of sell or buy before the end date, please remove your listing in our platform or contact us to do it with no additional cost.

You may also register as “Broker” and share others Business and Deal opportunities with others registered “Brokers”, “Professionals “and “Partners” in all counties we are operating.

To become a Broker, please select the option “Business Broker”, fill the form and we will be back to you with some additional information for definitive registration.

As Broker, have access to our referral tools and easily get additional income by referring Business and Deals opportunities and Expert Services to others Members.

See all the available opportunities in your country or choose others countries to find the right Business and Deals.

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