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EIRENA is a privat condominium where your company may have a diversified offer of integrated spaces, in the exact measure of its size and specific needs. We provide infrastructures, either in the form of offices, in the form of warehouses or industrial pavilions. We offer a series of complementary services that allow companies and industrialists to dedicate themselves to their business area.

Available for both resident companies or non-resident companies in the complex, these extra services we offer are carried out according to partnerships and collaboration protocols established with companies and partner entities of EIRENA – Centro Empresarial de Leiria, so that we can have a diversified service and of quality always at your disposal.


Eirena – Business Center of Leiria

Casal do Cego Street, Casal do Cego Industrial Zone
Covinhas, 2415-315 Leiria

Website – www.eirena.pt