Conditions Golden Visa 2021


The ARI – Residence Permit for Investment Activity (Golden Visa), is an Portuguese investment residency program.

With low minimum stay requirements (only necessary to spend 7 days in Portugal in the firth year). After a period of 5 years with the ARI, you are granted citizenship and a Portuguese passport. This visa allows you to enjoy the benefits of having an European Citizenship, without living in Portugal permanently.

This visa allows the holder to extend all its benefits to his family , requesting family reunification.

Making a qualified investment any citizen over 18years old ouside the EU (European Union), can apply to Golden Visa in Portugal.
This program is one of the most popular programs because the process is easier and cheaper compared to other citizenship programs in Europe.

To apply for the Golden Visa, the application can be made by you or through a company in the European Union that you own. The program requires a minimum investment of €250,000, and the investor can choose from a variety of investment options.

Investment options :
– Capital Transfer of at least 1 million euros
– Creation of 10 full-time jobs
– Invest €500,000 in Real Estate (€400,000 if located in a low-density area)
– Investment in property renovation in eligible properties over 30 years old or located in designated urban rehabilitation areas (ARU)
– Investments in the conservation of National Heritage, Arts and Culture at least €250,000
– Investment in research conducted by accredited institutions that are part of the national scientific and technological system of at least €350,000
– Investment in an existing company registered in Portugal at least €350,000
– Minimum investment of €350,000 in an equity fund




Source: SEF | Values between October 2012 and July 2021

IMPORTANT: Portugal Golden Visa Changes 2022

From an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to Portugal Golden Visa changes, it’s important to stay informed. From 1 January 2022, the Portugal Golden Visa program will change.

– The investment fund amount option for the Golden Visa will change from €350,000 to €500,000
– The capital transfer amount option for the Golden Visa will change from €1 million to €1.5 million
– New real estate investment restrictions will kick in. Properties in Lisbon, Porto, and other high-density coastal towns will not qualify for property investments under the Golden Visa scheme

Applicants have until the end of 2021 to take advantage of the current Portugal Golden Visa scheme.
For the property investment route, only property acquisition worth €280K and up, and investment in rehabilitation projects worth €350K and up in Portugal’s interior territories and Azores and Madeira will be accepted. 


Collect the paperwork and obtain your NIF in Portugal. Make the investment.

Online Application

Pay the application fee and provide a copy of all requested documents.


Schedule your interview and attend it. When approved, pay the issuance fee.

Golden Visa Issuance

Renew your residency certificate and acquire permanent residency after 5 years.

Golden Visa Renewal

Visa renewal required. From the second year, you have to visit Portugal at least 14 consecutive days, or not.

Citizenship Application

You will receive a Portuguese passport.
You can start the family reunification process.

“Around 1,300 national-level investor applications in the Golden Visa Program are pending, many of them due to a lack of essential documents or the need to clarify or update them.”

Spokesperson for the Emigration and Borders Service (SEF) in Portugal

We are here so that nothing is missing from your application for Golden Visa. Get advice from our experienced specialists in carrying out these processes and also get advice about your investments in Portugal.