How to Value a Company or Business

Companies and business valuation is the process of determining the transaction value (or trading range) of a particular business entity […] Read more ›

Innovation and Competitiveness

Nowadays business models must be global. This is what led us to be present in another FAE (Forum dos Administradores […] Read more ›

How to Value a Website or Internet Business

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Business Valuation Methods

Five methods are mainly used in business and companies valuation:Asset valuation – asset based approach – which consists in determining the value of […] Read more ›

Business Valuation under Seller`s Perspective

The seller of a business, or part of it, usually aims to ensure the best selling price. Valuation techniques should […] Read more ›

Business Valuation under Buyer`s Perspective

The buyer of a business can know how much to invest by requesting an appraisal. The amount can be determined by […] Read more ›